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Our Residential Covenant

****Important - You Must Read this Part****

This Estate is located on private Sims, away from the mainland Sims. You do not need to be a premium (Paying) member to buy and own land in this estate, however you MUST pay Tier Fees to us instead of Linden Labs.

You must pay for your first month of land use within 24 hours of land purchase, the land is not officially owned by you until you have paid the tier fees.

You can own land in AsRux Estates as a Basic Member and Pay Nothing to Linden Labs, ever.

You can safely downgrade your Second Life membership to Basic Membership after purchasing the land.

Note: If you are already a premium member, purchase the land before downgrading your account.


------Our Tier Fee Rates-------


Paypal Rates - IN USD
512 Sqm - $2.95 Weekly / $9.95 Monthly
**Same Monthly Cost as Premium Membership which you don't need here.

1024 Sqm – $4.95 Weekly / $16.95 Monthly
2048 Sqm – $8.95 Weekly / $33.95 Monthly
4096 Sqm – $11.95 Weekly / $44.95 Monthly

Linden Dollar Rates
512 Sqm - L$750 Weekly / L$2,900 Monthly
1024 Sqm – L$1,250 Weekly / $L4,800 Monthly
2048 Sqm – L$2,400 Weekly / $L9,500 Monthly
4096 Sqm – L$3,250 Weekly / $L12,500 Monthly

Tier Fees must be paid within 24 hours of land purchase.

For Linden Dollar Payments at Least 1 Month must be paid for your first payment.

Official ownership of the land parcel does not pass onto the buyer until tier fees have been paid.

Weekly payments in Linden Dollars can be made after your first month.

If you own multiple parcels in AsRux Estates you must pay the individual Land use fee for each parcel. They cannot be combined to get a reduced tier fee.

eg. if you purchase a 4096 parcel and a 1024 parcel next to it you must pay the monthly fee for each parcel.

----How to Pay----
For Linden Dollar payments please go one of the payment boxes at the centre of the island you are on, or in the estate office. a much easier and cheaper way is to just pay in US Dollars using Paypal, just click on the paypal button on top of the sign to start the signup process. You can do this before or after purchasing your land.

You can also pay directly and automatically using PayPal on either Monthly or Weekly Terms.

For PayPal Rates (Cheaper than our Linden Dollar Rates), and Signup, or to see about Trading Mainland property for Free Land Use in our estate visit our website.


Land Ownership and Resale

1. Land use fees on the parcel must be paid and cannot be less than 48 hours from due.
2. If multiple lots have been purchased they must be priced and re-sold individually.
3. The buyer must be made aware of the covenant and agree to abide by it.

Anyone found selling thier land outside of these conditions will have thier land re-claimed immediately without refund from the estate.
If your land has been joined by an estate manager into a larger parcel you must contact Ashley Rousselot or Ginny Pau Before putting your land up for sale.

Please Notify us after your land sells so we can adjust your tier fees.

Acceptable Land Use

This is a residential estate, some business can be conducted here but only if it's residential in nature, for example it's ok for you to rent out your house.

The Primary use of your land must be residential.
No Casinos or Nightclubs, No Camping Chairs, Paying Dance pads or Unsightly Advertising Banners.
No Weapons.
No Pushing, Shooting or Griefing, No Follower Scripts or Spy Scripts.
No builds over 20m above ground level. (a 4 floor house is less than 20m)

Please place all Skyboxes above 200m, you can build any structure you wish above 400m however you must not overload the server by placing high load scripts or attracting large numbers of visitors. A party with your friends is ok but a 24 hour casino or nightclub is not as this will overload the server. IF you are building a business, feel free to do it up there in the sky, but you can't run your business from here.

If you are planning a big party (over 20 visitors) please inform us.

How to Contact Us
IM Ginny Pau for Resident or Visitor Problems, Billing or Payment Issues.
IM Ashley Rousselot for Server Issues.

Plus you can always Contact us via email at

Thanks for reading,

Ashley Rousselot – Owner of AsRux Technology.

AsRux Estates is owned and operated by AsRux Technology, a registered Australian Business since 2003.
ABN: 25 907 266 967