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 Land Use Fees

When you own land in any of our Residential Estates you must pay Land Use Fees to cover the Expensive Maintenence Costs for the servers, Bandwitdh Charges, etc., Use this page to find our rates and to sign up for automatic PayPal Payment of your Fees.

Our Rates

Land Parcel Size Weekly Rate Monthly Rate
$ Linden USD (PayPal) $ Linden USD (PayPal)
512 Sqm 750 $2.95 2,900 $9.95
1024 Sqm 1,250 $4.95 4,800 $16.95
2048 Sqm 2,400 $8.95 9,500 $33.95
4096 Sqm 3,200 $11.95 12,500 $44.95
8192 Sqm 5,500 $19.95 22,000 $79.95


Note: If you wish to Pay in Linden Dollars you do not need to sign up here, simply Pay using our Payment Box found in world at the Center of the Island.

Advantages of using PayPal

  1. If you sign up to our PayPal Rates you get the benefit of cheaper rates to reflect our reduced costs.
  2. Our PayPal Rates are based on the far more stable US Dollar.
  3. Pay automatically with your Credit Card or from your Bank Account/PayPal Balance.
  4. We give a much longer grace period with PayPal Subscriptions of about 8 days. For Linden Dollar Payers we are forced to Reclaim Un-Paid Land after only 48 hours.
  5. You can cancel your Subscription at any time by logging into your PayPal Account, you are in full control.

How to Signup

Simply tell us your Second Life Name so we can track your Payment and click on "Go to Signup" to go to our PayPal Signup Page.

(Required - First and Last Name)