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Do I really own my land?
Why do i have to pay a monthly fee if it's my land?
What's the difference with a Class 5 Server?
How does the Class 4 and Class 5 Server hardware compare?
What the heck is a Prim?

Do I really Own my land?

Of course you do! you are free to resell it, and do whatever you want with it. You can add value to it by building a house and garden on it. It's considered yours as long as it remains in line with our residential covenant and the land use fees are paid. We will never re-claim your land without a very good reason. If you break the covenant you will usually be given a warning first, unless it's a serious breach (security, etc.). If you just make a simple mistake that's fine, we won't harrass you just remind you of the covenant.

Note: any of our land sold on the mainland goes out of our control after it's transfered to you so our covenants don't apply and your land use fees are paid to linden labs.

Why do i have to pay a monthly fee if it's my land?

Unfortunately the servers aren't free :)

Land use fees are used to pay for the ongoing and constant maintenence of the server which is running 24 hours a day 7 days a week, the huge bandwitdh charges, electricity, colocation space in the server facilities, air condiontioning, backups, etc. You simply won't find any land in second life that doesn't have a land use fee, it's also called a maintenence fee, tier fee and sometimes just a rental fee. They are all pretty much the same fee. But with us you own the land, so we call it a land use fee.

What's the difference with a Class 5 Server?

Class 5 Servers are the newest servers available in second life and are the most state of the art. They have only been available since Dec 2006 so 90% of the land in second life is on the older server hardware, particularly the islands. They are much faster, less laggy and support 15,000 prims per sim. They also use slightly less power making them more enviromentally friendly. See the next question for more info.

How does the hardware in the Class 4 and Class 5 Servers Compare?

A Class 5 Server is an Intel Xeon 5148 - Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo based server CPUs. They have a 4 GB of ram, a faster SATA Hard drive for faster autosaves and even more importantly they have a 1 Gigabit Uplink to the Second Life Core.

In comparision a Class 4 Server is an AMD Opteron 270, 2 GB of Ram (half), have an IDE hard drive, and only have a 100Mbit uplink to the core (1/10th of a class 5 server).

Also remember that a lot of the servers running second life are even older class 3 Servers.

What the heck is a Prim?

A Prim is short for a 3D primary object, everything in second life including the houses, cars, streets, bullets and even the people are made of prims. They are the objects you find in the build menu.

Prims are extremely versatile, they can contain a script, can be textured, linked to other prims and also cut and bent in certain ways. They can also be turned into physical objects very easily.


If you are not a Member, see for yourself by joining second life today, it's totally free to join and to explore the metaverse. You even get a bonus $L250 to spend in world, which can be used to buy your first block of residential land from us(If available).

Keep in mind that if you wish to purchase residential land from us on one of our private island estates you will not need to become a premium member, You can remain a basic free member, simply return to our website for instructions on how to purchase your first block.