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You can contact us for live help in world (if we are online) by sending an Instant Message to Ginny Pau.


Our Prefered Contact method is by this form be sure to include either your email address or Second Life name so we can get back to you:


Write your Query Here:

We will respond to you within 1 Business Day. Often within a few hours. But please note that our business hours are Australian Time (AEST, Brisbane) which differs from PST our business day corresponds with the following PST times as displayed in Second Life.


Our Business Hours

Time in Brisbane (AEST) Second Life Day/Time (PST)
Monday 9am-5pm Sunday 3pm - 11pm
Tuesday 9am-5pm Monday 3pm - 11pm
Wednesday 9am-5pm Tuesday 3pm - 11pm
Thursday 9am-5pm Wednesday 3pm - 11pm
Friday 9am-5pm Thursday 3pm - 11pm
Saturday (Weekend) Friday (Our Weekend)
Sunday (Weekend) Sunday (Our Weekend)


The only time this could be an issue is on Fridays, which corresponds with our weekend, it may take until sunday for you to get a response.