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About Us

AsRux Estates is a Small Company based in Brisbane Australia, we are formally known as AsRux Technology. Most of our business has revolved around online sales. We have an excellent reputation on ebay with over 1,200 Feedbacks, 99.8% of which are positive. We have many years experience in online transactions, mostly in the field of computer technology and home electronics. We have been trading on ebay since 2002.

We are a PayPal Verified Business Customer and have been for several years. We take online security seriously. You can trade with us in confidence.

About Our Second Life Servers

All our servers are new Class 5 Servers, which means that they are identical to the newest of the mainland servers. They all support 15,000 prims and are the best that are currently available. They are phisically located in the USA along with the other servers in the Second Life Grid and are maintained by Linden Labs, Meaning that USA customers should not have any lag uses. However we operate the servers and use Second Life ourselves from Brisbane Australia and have no Lag Issues.

Most of the other private island estates are located on Class 4 or lower servers, meaning that they are slower, more laggy, and support a lot less prims. Some of the older servers support as few as 1875 Prims over the whole server. That's almost 1/10th of the ammount of prims Supported by our servers. What does this mean? It means that you will soon run out of space on your parcel of land as everything in second life is made of prims.

How do you know if the other estates are on a class 5 server? A simple way to tell is just to read the covenant, if they don't say they are on a class 5 Server they probably aren't.