Second Life

Who are we?

AsRux Estates is a "Second Life" Virtual Land Developer (yes, we know it sounds crazy but please read on). This is your opportunity to buy some virtual real estate in what is being promoted as the future of the internet. Our goal is to offer real estate in this brave new world at reasonable prices and give everyone a chance to own thier part of Second Life. Our residential prices are fixed and are either at or below market value. Our commercial lots are sold at auction through ebay so you will only pay what the market demands, nothing more. If you just want find out more about second life, read on, you can become a part of it for free (see below).

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a Massive Online 3D World first released to the public in 2003, often referred to as a metaverse which is entirely created by and owned by it's residents. As of early January 2007 Second Life has over 2,900,000 residents up to 27,000 of which can be logged on and in the world at the same time, this figure is growing rapidly at an almost explosive rate.

Between Oct and Dec 2006 Second life Doubled it's Residents from 1 Millon to 2 Million. Growth in this world's population is currently around 10-15% per WEEK!

At first glance second life may appear to be "Just a Game" but it's far more than that..... It's only a game if you make it a game. The internet itself was considered a game to many people before it became mainstream now it's worth trillions.

Second life has it's own economy, called the Linden Dollar which can be exchanged for real US Currency in one of several online currency exchanges. Over $1.2 Million US Dollars worth of real currency is being traded in world every single day. For everything from virtual clothes to virtual houses to virtual pets.

You will find virtual night clubs, casinos, churches, rainforests, resorts, hotels... The list is endless. Everywhere you go in world you will find other people. Real people, 24 hours a day. Every time you enter the world you see something new.

Virtual Land is currently being sold and developed faster than it can be made available.Second Life City

So what do we offer?

AsRux Estates is offering you the opportunity to buy your piece of virtual land in this Virtual World, either for residential or commercial use.

We have our own private islands (brand new dedicated Class 5 Second Life servers) connected to the second life grid which are for residential use and we also offer mainland property which can be used either for residential or commercial purposes (Second Life premium membership is currently required for commercial land).

Our business is primarilly in our residental estates, our estate is protected by a covenant of basic common sense rules and we actively enforce this covenant to protect our residents. This makes our land far more peaceful than the mainland. We respond promptly to the problems our residents may be experiencing.

If you are not a Member, see for yourself by joining second life today, it's totally free to join and to explore the metaverse. You even get a bonus $L250 to spend in world, which can be used to buy your first block of residential land from us(If available).

Keep in mind that if you wish to purchase residential land from us on one of our private island estates you will not need to become a premium member, You can remain a basic free member, simply return to our website for instructions on how to purchase your first block.